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My Blog - Defy Age With Food

You are invited to visit, a blog that aims to help you live your best life by exploring the connections between food, self-esteem, and aging well.


Geared toward women over 40, you'll find a wealth of information on the site about how to nourish your body and soul with the right foods and lifestyle choices.

From learning about the latest research on how specific foods and nutrients can help support healthy aging, to exploring the psychological and emotional aspects of self-care, this blog has something for everyone! 


Whether you're interested in recipes that promote longevity and vitality, tips for feeling more confident and empowered as you age, or insights into the latest health and wellness trends, Defy Age With Food is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to feel their best from the inside out.

My 8 Week Walk Your Butt Off plan!

I LOVE walking!  It's my favorite way to get exercise.

Walking is not only good for a healthy heart and tone body, it's great for your mental health too!

Download my 8 week plan, it's free!

Let me know how you like it! 

If you have any questions, just call or email me!

Happy Trails!


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