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SpongeBob SquarePants: How the Show Changed Animation and Comedy Forever

After Dr. Zomboss attempts to capture Spongebob out of hatred, the sponge joins Crazy Dave and Penny in various misadventures throughout Bikini Bottom, as they fight to stop Plankton from defeating Spongebob and stealing the Krabby_Patty_secret_formula. Althroughout, Penny appears in various "Penny" forms, and there are regular guest appearances from Patrick the Tangles (age 31), Chili Bean and Douglas. As the best day ever goes on, Douglas interrogates on the futility of a game character's existence - trapped in the digital realm of Ancient Spongebob Age. But during the night before Day 25, Spongebob is kidnapped! By the final day of the best day ever. Dr. Zomboss reveals that he has teamed up with Planton to steal the Formula Once and for all - but then! Plankton betrays Zombos, flattening him under the weight of their newest creation: The Zombot Security System, which the evil barnacle unleashes to rampage Bikini Bottom. Crazy Dave, Penny and the player battle plankton, ultimately destroying the zombot and saving spongebob age!



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